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Yoga: The Perfect Winter Exercise

Here are 5 great reasons why you should trade in your cozy winter sweater for spandex and hit the yoga studio – you’ll be happy you did, even on the coldest day of the year. It boosts your immune system Yoga helps the body cleanse the kidneys and liver and lowers our...

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Why Yoga?

At its core, yoga is an exercise and exercise is always good, there's just no denying that fact. It feels good to work out the body. Not only do you get a satisfying sense of accomplishment, but you can drop needed pounds while toning up. The thing is, though, yoga...

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Yoga For New Mothers

Carrying a little one for nine months does a particular variety of "things" to your body, so of course, you want to get back to those exercises that help you get back in shape and reconnected with your body.  An important thing to keep in mind, however,...

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Ease Lower Back Issues with Yoga

The lumbar region of the lower back is an area that becomes a trouble spot for many at some point or another.  Regardless if you have a sedentary work environment such as a desk job or have a more hands on active one like construction, this section of the...

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Four Yoga Poses For Alleviating Stress And Depression

There are no two ways about it, Yoga is hugely beneficial for counteracting the anxiety and depression. Since Yoga works your body and mind through its series of poses it helps the practitioner focus their energies inward. This is essentially a meditation...

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Understanding Yoga and Weight Loss

Understanding Yoga and Weight Loss For many considering trying yoga for themselves, there is usually several questions about the true health benefits of yoga. Chief among these questions and with good reason is usually, does yoga actually aid in weight loss? At first...

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Fight Holiday Madness with Yoga

The Issue Americans are among the busiest people in the world. From working long hours to spending the most money per capita each Christmas, Americans are always on the go. The holidays are especially busy due to the increased demand from consumers, and...

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Why Yoga Instructors Should be Licensed

The Issue It's no surprise that yoga classes have been popping up everywhere in recent years. From big cities to small towns, the United States has become obsessed with this Eastern exercise and well-being phenomenon. Just as yoga classes have been popping...

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